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What You Don’t Know, Might Be Killing You

Path of Global Radiation


"All truth goes through three steps:
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as self-evident."


Ignorance is no longer an option.  You know us.  We have traveled the world 10 + years, through at times, rough or even dangerous situations.  We look for the best in the world and find it.  We are not alarmists.  We do not live in fear.  This has our attention.  This should have YOUR attention.  If you don't have enough time to read this just know that in the future everyone will be saying, "Poor ________ - (insert your name or the name of your child).  He/She was a good person."  Cancer, etc, from fallout, starts appearing in 3-12 years.  Fukushima Radiation started 2.5 years ago.

Radiation - the invisible killer!  I dare you to spend 10 minutes to save yourself and your family from the devastating effects of Radiation.  Geiger counters don't lie.  Only the government does.  Two choices: Be a victim or be Self Responsible. De -Nile only works if you live in Egypt!  This is one page I didn't want to write.  I wanted to believe that this nightmare, this extinction level radiation from Fukushima, would just 'go away' or the reports were exaggerated.  Not so.  As the disaster gets worse, I have spent days researching the radiation, where it is spreading, and what the side effects are on ourselves, our families and the planet.  I really wish the information I found wasn't so bad.  Please prove me wrong!  (but don't use government statistics - they have been proven to be altered).  There are over 1000 nuclear power plants worldwide.  If one erupts near you, even in the Southern Hemisphere, radiation will be compounded.  Mankind has opened Pandora's Box.  Enough!

"Health is Freedom!"  Our webpage tries to highlight the positive and incredibly amazing aspects of the planet we share.  Our 'Thoughts on Health' page shares health information we have learned through the years.  At times Reality Bites.  In March 2011, a large power plant blew when an earthquake hit Fukushima Japan, killing 16,000 people.  People continue to die daily.  This accident changed the face of life on our earth as we know it.  This is not gloom and doom, end of the world prophecy.  Unfortunately these are facts.  I assume that you are intelligent, curious and wanting to help yourself, your family and those around you.  We are doing this to try to help.  Knowledge is power.  You are the good we look for in the world.  Share.  Help those around you!



We met our friends in Ecuador, in the Southern Hemisphere.  They moved from Hawaii due to radiation.  Kayana shared her research with us.  It was upsetting.  We ourselves have changed our plans to drive across the SW United States then up the west coast to Alaska due to the skyrocketing radiation levels of more than 10 times the normal.  Adapt or Perish.  (As I write this in the Galapagos Islands).  Life as we know it has changed.


Disturbing model simulations by German scientists showing the long term dispersal of
Caesium-137 radiation being released into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.


When an accident happens usually people help each other.  Experts worldwide converge to think of a solution.  That is unless the catastrophe is so immense that there is no easy way out.  2.5 years later the clean up operation has been a failure.  If properly 'cleaned up' Japan faces bankruptcy and for this reason the truth has been hidden.  Humankind should demand that this mismanaged disaster be properly dealt with.  A large reservoir of radioactive waste is teetering, ready to double the devastating effects worldwide.  Radiation has spread throughout the Pacific Ocean, the western Coast of the U.S. up to Alaska, across the continental United States and over to Europe.  Now the radiation levels normally 25 in Denver, for instance, are 250 during spikes. Cancer is increasing at epidemic proportions.  Will you be next?  An estimated one third of US West Coast newborns have developed thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster (Study: Fukushima radiation fallout has devastated health of US babies on West Coast and in other areas Learn more:
We must watch out for 'spikes' in radiation, usually during a storm, heavy rainfall or?   Websites with hourly reporting of radiation levels around the US and world, manned by a network of dedicated volunteers (disgusted by the fixed readings at government monitor stations) help us all know what is really happening.  Keep an eye on:  and maybe even use your new Geiger counter to add to their network.  Together we can keep up to date and make informed decisions. To see the global jet streams carrying radiation see:

Jan 2014:  Geiger counters don't lie!  High #Radiation Levels (290 CPM - normal 30) Confirmed At Half Moon Bay, California:

The contamination in the ocean keeps spreading.
This was in March 2012 - over 1 year ago!


Have you heard these facts on the nightly news?  No, of course not.  Instead of cleaning up or covering the waste (which lasts up to 650,000 years) the governments decided to change the readings of their Geiger counter stations and raise the acceptable levels.  Did you know that 40% of Europe is still contaminated from the meltdown of Chernobyl, and that was 'contained'?  An estimated 1Million Europeans are believed to have died as a direct result of that radiation emission following the nuclear explosion of Chernobyl. When will people demand a stop to nuclear power plants?


U.S. Geological Service charting of Radiation (2013)

Ignorance is bliss, that is until you and your children come down with thyroid cancer or some other type of disease.  Parents, just know that young people are especially susceptible.  The future of your family may be in your hands.  Don't have time?  Time to re-think your priorities.  Picture yourself sick in bed; all work, responsibilities, activities, and fun on hold.  Now do you have time?  I had cancer 11 years ago and healed it alternatively. Take it from me, cancer is NOT fun.  

What does this mean to us?  Study, research and come up with your own decisions.  The information is out there - but certainly not on the main stream news. (See below)  To help you we are giving highlights of our research to you, recommended reading, videos, and what we can do to help ward off the side effects.

1).Watch this video: - you are worth the 35 minutes!  Your life and lives of your loved ones may depend on it. Focuses on what you can do to help your health.  Please share with friends and family.

Radiation Exposure _ Protection

Daily updates and radiation levels:
Great site:  Rad Chick posts daily with latest information.

2) Buy a Geiger counter from a reputable source. (list below)  As we said, Geiger counters don't lie.  If you are in the radiation zone - decide what level of radiation you are prepared to soak in before you make changes.  How much is good health worth to you?  What good is all your accumulated wealth, your home, your cars, your job, if you or your family members are dead?  Buy potassium Iodine (see below)*

3). Wherever you live, take as many steps as you can to keep your immune system strong and to prevent excessive contamination.  Once in your body, the radiation is there to stay, your cells start to break down and illness is inevitable. Make sure you have a safe supply of drinking water daily.  Radiation filters help purify the water in your home. (see below)* Consider an in home air filter/cleaner (HEPA -  (not good customer service) Now $119 plus shipping  Better:  Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier with Photocatalytic Filter HEPA/Carbon Filter and Germicidal UV Lamp  at Amazon - free shipping  Same unit but bigger
Every little bit helps.

4). Study safer regions of the world.  Have a plan to evacuate immediately should Fukishima explode or radiation compounds or another disaster erupts.  We met a woman from Fukishima who heard the news, took a taxi to the airport and flew to S America; never returning home.  Her life was more important than her 'things'.  This includes having iodine in your bag and taking it immediately, making a plane reservation, taking a small bag, and leaving for a safer zone of the world (i.e. S.E Asia or anywhere in the southern hemisphere.) Traveling: inexpensive N95 particulate respirator masks will help as radiation in jet plane cabins goes up many times. Wrap a silk scarf around your neck.

5).If you choose to stay where you are, implement safety/protection steps.

6). Don't shoot the messenger.  No blaming allowed.  Remember self-responsibility.  We are all on this journey together.  Most of you are intelligent enough to read this, be concerned, and make changes.  If you are a parent this is the only thing you can do.  Self Responsibility will save you and your family.  Some will chose to ignore the facts.  Priorities - live or die?  Others couldn't be bothered and return to life as normal, living on the banks of de - Nile.

7). This may be one of the hardest things you have faced in your life.  This can't be possible. "I had my house, my job, my life all figured out."  This is not easy.  This, on top of all the New World Order changes to society, is enough to send a person hiding under their covers and never wanting to come out.  I spent days upset, angry.  Allow yourself to go through these steps.  Come out the other side with determination to make whatever changes you decide that you are worth.

Don't heed the naysayers. Make wise personal choices, carry them out, help those around you do the same, take every and all precautions, then relax and enjoy each day.  Why die a thousand deaths?  Have fun.  Smile & laugh.  Stress will only compound health issues.  Slow down and enjoy each day.  Take time for healing.  Do what you can then turn everything over.   Connect to the higher consciousness/God where wisdom, peace, and strength reside. 

(Please see info below)

Radiation Prevention:   See Radiation Protective Ideas to do Now on our homepage for new information on what you can do NOW.

Alternative herbs, supplements and steps that may help with the effects of radiation: (Discover more? -please write.)  This involves a whole new way of thinking.

"Don’t be fearful but be aware! "

What Dr Bergman (from website and above video) Dr Russel Blaylock, and other research revealed:

Top recommendations:

Proper nutrition:   Organic, non GMO foods. If you eat the skin it has to be organic.  Check all foods for radioactivity with your Geiger counter.  (All this sounds like a scene from a scary science fiction movie but it is our new reality)

Go to   You MUST cut these out of your diet.
If labeled organic, food must be non-GMO; but if food is non-GMO it doesn't have to be organic, and so could have chemicals.  Be a smart shopper.

Pure, non radioactive source garlic, ginger, gingko, turmeric, pomegranate, lots of citrus, macrobiotic meals, organic green tea.

Regular exercise

Proper nutrition

Sufficient rest

Prayer & Meditation stimulates immune system response.

Reduced stress (Yah right, after hearing all this stuff!)  But really, reduce stress for overall improved health.

Herbal supplements: (Sources and ideas from research.  Study, research, and come up with your own daily plan!)
We currently try to get all of our nutrition from our food (with a green powder boost for our immune system) Now we must add some of the below.
The good news is that all these herbs strengthen your immune system.  A stronger immune system means better health.  The first sign of radiation overload is a compromised immune system.

As with all supplements do research before using.  Choose which ones you want to take.  Those with * are important.  Make sure the source is pure, not from a radioactive area.  Integrity enters big time as radiation levels rise.  You must be self responsible.  When ordering ask for sources and radiation levels.  Tell the company if it tests high with your Geiger counter you want to return it for a full refund.  I will update reputable sources as I do research.  Read Thoughts on Health on our homepage for invaluable information on health, resources, and links.

*Bio Superfood has been used to directly treat victims of radiation poisoning in Chernobyl. Quite an amazing story and high success rate as this whole food replaces most of your current supplements and improves your health, while protecting from radiation.  For info Google or check out Best deal - free shipping - (See ordering research below)
There is a short 3-5 detox period (Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of spring water per day to assist the body with toxins elimination) then amazing results and improvement in health (notably arthritis, cancer, thyroid etc).

 * OR  take uncontaminated greens and pre Fukushima seaweed, spirulina and chlorella, (unfortunately not from the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii)     or the West Coast - Levels are rising as the plume spreads).
OR take a combination of Bio superfood (1-2 caps daily) plus spirulina & chlorella

 *Take zeolite from Zeoforce  (zeolite is used to purify water during radiation emergencies.  Also used in water purifiers listed below.)

 * Lugols iodine and seaweed extract combination (see below)

*Alpha lipoic acid - important - 600 milligrams daily or once a week at least- Many foods contain alpha-lipoic acid in very low amounts. They include spinach, broccoli, yams, potatoes, yeast, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, and rice bran.

Do research and choose what to take additionally from the list below.   List above important to follow.

resvereratol - plant compound antioxidant - 200 mg
2x day

hesperedin - 6 grams a day Hesperedin is very predominant in lemons and peppers. The peel and the membrane have the highest hesperin concentration.   Antioxidant (or take other antioxidant)

Take vitamin A & C together

MSM - organic sulfer - good for joints too

quercetin  - 500 mg 2x day - a powerful all-natural antioxidant found in foods such as blueberries, red apples and grapes.  A plant derived flavonoid

curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, can help protect a number of body tissues.

Consuming sugar stops the immune system for 5-6 hours. (Jam with breakfast, cookie or ice cream at lunch, desert after dinner - your immune system is shut down all day long!  Your choice).

We have been using M.M.S. for years to keep the immune system strong.  Please check out M.M.S. on our "Thoughts on Health" page.  Also valuable health information that is updated regularly, with us as the guinea pigs!  I cured myself from cancer, with alternative means, over 10 years ago.  Now these ideas have been incorporated into a simple, easy lifestyle and we are adding additional radiation protection.  Why not?  We are worth it!

Do Not consume seafood from the Pacific Ocean. Limit water activities as the radiation counts rise. 

Don’t consume dairy products – they have absorbed high levels of radiation.  Like main lining radiation. No seaweed and NO DAIRY products of any kind. Cows are bio-vacuum cleaners consuming massive amounts of radioactive contaminated grass, hay, etc. Take a good quality probiotic instead of the yogurt and a mineral supplement instead of the radioactive seaweed.  The first off the chart readings in milk showed up in Hawaii 2 years ago and the contamination rate is increasing.  Seaweed from a pure, non-radioactive source is important to take.  But again check the area it is harvested in and check it with your Geiger counter. 

Soy BAD – avoid at all costs. (explained in video above).

Exercise increases glutathione – necessary to ward off effects of radiation. Sulfer rich foods. Broccoli, onions, kale, cauliflower contain helpful levels of glutathione. (organic only and check with Geiger counter). An essential antioxidant, detoxifier, and immune system booster.

Detoxing clay:
1 cup bentonite clay
¼ c. raw cacao
1-2 drops of peppermint oil
1/2 cup apple pectin
add water and mix until frosting consistency – eat 1 t a day.  (Keep in fridge) (If causes constipation eat prunes or?)

Mix reduced glutathione with distilled water and spray & breathe it in, if you have breathed in excessive radiation.

Baking soda baths!

1 lb baking soda in a bath – 2-3 lbs in emergency for exposure.  Once a month for prevention. (Used by the military for decontamination).

Whole grains (organic), b-6

Again always check radiation level of EVERYTHING you plan to eat.  Organic is always preferred but doesn't mean anything if it was grown in a radioactive area.

There is an absolutely amazing story of the Japanese man, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who was badly injured and totally irradiated in Hiroshima.  He went home to Nagasaki.  Not a good move.  Irradiated again in the 2nd atomic bomb explosion.  He survived until 93 because his body built up faster than it broke down. The steps listed in this section help do this.

Organic barley miso soup, eat daily – macrobiotic diet saved the lives of thousands of radiation victims in Japan after WWII.  Have a macrobiotic meal at least 2-3 times a week.  Tasty and so important.

An Oncologist in Japan recently (2013) did research on Fukishima site workers.  Found that Liposomal Vitamin C helps heal radiation damage in the body.  A combination of Vitamin C and Lethicin. (There is a you-tube video on making your own - ) or buy it.

Check for subluxations. In the terminology of chiropractic, an abnormal positional relationship between contiguous vertebrae resulting in abnormal biochemical and neurological function.  Restrictions on nerves stop the energy flow throughout the body and cause it to break down.

Don’t stand out in the rain!  Fallout is raining down.  Called 'Black Rain'!  If caught outside in the rain, shower or bath with baking soda and soap!

From our good friend and naturopath in New Zealand ( Earl has over 40 years as a healer):
Lugols iodine @ 4-6 drops a day will prevent i-131 from getting into your thyroid. People take up to 30 drops per day.  If you begin to show any side effects it leads to a deficiency in your system.  You need to supplement minerals and anti oxidants (such as liquid minerals or the best ever bio superfood (see below) and a healthier, more nutrient-dense diet.  (2 drops painted on a patch on your arm should not disappear until 20-24 hours has passed.  Anything less and you are lacking iodine - making room for radioactive iodine to be absorbed.  Keep you system full). Do weekly patch tests and maintenance of 2-3 drops daily. Increase to 4 drops as radiation increases.
If you can find some pre-Fukushima seaweed, that would also be useful.  Check sources carefully and when levels are high only a company with integrity will admit it rather than shut down.  Our hats off to the organic farmer in Oregon who shut down rather than sell produce with high radiation levels.   Thyroid Energy by NOW or Iodine, Potassium, Silica – by Crystal Star recommended.  Discount at


Here are some of the benefits of Lugol's Iodine for the body:

Ascorbic acid: I'm not really a fan of ascorbic acid but it is a powerful free radical quencher. Radiation causes free radical proliferation. (Emergen-C good)
Sunshine!!!!! on all of body!!
Greens-chlorella, spirulina, barley grass, rice bran...all are protective.

Dr.Theresa Dale,
Founder, The Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc.
Anti Radiation Kit - homeopathic drops and bio-iodine

Dr Day ( wrote to us and said concerning the Fukishima radiation that she takes care of her health with commitment to her health plan, tries to get the best food possible, then turns it all over to God..  See her ideas and comprehensive health Plan on her website.

And on and on - research will provide more answers. (please share with us)

Suggested further reading/links:
Scary Update! Fukushima Nuclear Radiation  (14 minutes)  2012

Websites with hourly reporting of radiation levels around the US and world, manned by a network of dedicated volunteers (disgusted by the fixed readings at government monitor stations) help us all know what is really happening.  Keep an eye on:  and maybe even use your new Geiger counter to add to their network.  Together we can keep up to date and make informed decisions. - Daily, UP TO DATE, straight forward facts on Fukushima fallout Government's statistics document an excess death rate of 20,000 US residents, mostly healthy infants, in the first 9 months following the multiple nuclear events at Fukushima
Arnie Gunderson brilliant unbiased nuclear physicist   Up To Date Information  Michael Collins appears every Monday night on Jeff Rense.  His site has up to date info on live readings in CA and levels in food, etc

Japan Nuclear Disaster  Weekly reports on radiation and many other interesting developments in the U.S. and world. and
Dr Rima is doing a study on the epidemic proportions of Class 4 cancer appearing - with death within a short time.  Also gives info on buying safe food, supplements, etc. I believe they may have already moved from California to S. America!

Many, many others – just do a search on Google and be prepared to be shocked!

Video above - Bergman Chiropractic
(714) 962-5891 Huntington Beach, CA

Bottom Line -March 2014

Fukushima is in a high risk zone for earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons.  Fact is that 400 megatons of radioactive waste is pouring into the Pacific daily.  Main stream media is finally admitting that this radioactive waste will reach the West coast of the US within a year.  Whales and fish are dying from radioactive poisoning and washing up on the beaches.  Any further damage from natural disasters makes this catastrophic earth event even more dangerous. 


Jan 15/2014 Check out this 3 minute you tube video.  Keep yourself informed. Wow!  Pure science.  Geiger counters don't lie.  This is crazy stuff. 

High #Radiation Levels (290 CPM) Confirmed At Half Moon Bay, California:


ps - If you take a geiger counter out to check the beach or anywhere dusty or dirty it is important to put it in a good ziploc to protect from damaging it. 


We meet a variety of interesting people in our travels.  We recently met Paul and Reese who are off on a new travel adventure together for 6 months.  After talking about the sad reality of Radiation from Fukushima, Reese, another concerned Mother, went home, read our articles on Fukushima, and started doing her own research.  Together we are trying to get the word out.  See her well written article below, with links, for more information. Thanks for these up to date links, Reese.  (July 2014)


Radiation Expert: Fukushima Exposure being Covered Up – Kevin Kamps

This a end of year 2013 Review of Fukushima – Some interesting information to consider :

For those of you who know David Icke then you know he has some speculations that can seem out there though it is very intriguing. Published May 19th 2014: - Lots of recent info

‘And the Hashimotos aren’t alone. The families of at least seven other children near Fukushima have reportedly decided to do the same thing to protect their children from long-term harm. This comes as local leader Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba, a town near Fukushima, recently issued a warning about radiation levels near Fukushima being four times higher than they were near Chernobyl.’  Excellent radiation dosage chart


Keep learning............................

Cesium 137 is showing up in food in California - including baby food!  Check out:


What does this mean to us?  Bad weather creates radiation spikes in Hawaii and the West Coast and continental US.  Recently Hawaii spiked at 161, California 400, Pacific Northwest and B.C. 500, Arizona 750, the Midwest 400 and on and on. Counts per minute. Normal 16-20. 300 cpm is Hazmat level, 100 is alert level.  The government just keeps raising the safety levels.
1) Watch monitoring sites:
2) Stay indoors as much as possible during high ratings - STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!  USE AN UMBRELLA!  If caught in the rain - shower with soap and baking soda.
3) Wash all fruits and veggies with 2Tb baking soda in a basin of water- soak for 20 min or as long as you can, scrub with a brush, and rinse well - (hydrogen peroxide works also)
4) Don't eat dairy or meat - high on the food chain and loaded with radioactivity.  Fish from the Pacific is NOT safe.  No GMO foods and organic if possible.  Build a greenhouse and start growing vegetables inside - less fallout will be passed to you when you eat your homegrown produce.  Check regularly with a geiger counter.  Protect your family.
5) Check Protective Ideas below.

(Have a valid passport.  Do this now.  Within 24-48 hours of a total meltdown all airplanes will be grounded.  Relocate you and your family away from the danger.  Reevaluate from a distance in safety.  May we never have to deal with this. )

Recommended info from our friend Randyl in Hawaii.  He is a true visionary:

Randyl Rupar applies a practical approach to BODY, MIND and SPIRIT WELLNESS through personal empowerment. He has obtained advanced degrees in psychology and has credentials in Ayurveda panchakarma, college level teacher certification for humanistic psychology, eco-psychology, nutrition and sports medicine.  He also specializes in individualized systems of personal assessments, gleaning knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Eco-Psychology, Hawaiian Essential Oil Mists,   In conjunction with the creation of Hawaiian Wellness Herbal formulations, he is also the founder of The Sanctuary of Mana Ke`a Gardens, a State of Hawai`i 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. The organization sponsors free community Mango & Avocado Festivals and fundraisers promoting health and wellness, zero waste, clean energy, and agricultural sustainability on Hawai`i Island.   Vegan for over 40 years, he espouses the living philosophy of the copious benefits of a plant-based diet.


Contact for the book and herbal products is:


Helpful excerpts from Randyl’s book –“Rad Free Me”


Man-Made Radiation

From the sheet-rock used in home construction, to the enriched uranium used to power US Naval ships, man’s technological advances have increased our exposure to dangerous radiation significantly. Millions of smart-phone users admit to keeping their mobile device within arm’s reach 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Laptop computers may be a convenience for the entrepreneur on the go, but actually using the small computer on your lap for pro­longed periods could hinder reproductive function.

Building Materials -

Radiation exists naturally in the environment, but man-made advances bring these sources of radiation right into our homes in the form of bricks, stone masonry, drywall, and cement. These building materials often contain ra­diation from uranium ores as we use them to construct schools, homes, churches, offices and all manner of build­ings.

Electronics -

Microwave ovens, cell-phones, bluetooth devices and all electronics in between give off various radio frequencies that build up over time. It’s a never a good idea to stand in close proximity to a microwave oven while it’s on, it’s even worse to hover nearby and watch your food as it cooks. Likewise, a significant correlation has been proven between high levels of cell phone usage and some forms of brain cancer.

Tobacco Products -

Tobacco products are yet another source of radiation, resulting from polonium-210, which is a naturally present type of radiation found in tobacco plants. Smokers willing­ly inhale this polonium-210 and receive an additional dose of radiation in the form of polonium-218, which is a de­cay product from radon gas. Polonium-218 is reported to cling to aerosols like tobacco smoke, which is how it finds its way into the lungs. The fun doesn’t end there, once in the lungs the polonium continues to decay, emitting alpha particles, which can damage cells over time.

Medicine -

The medical field also contributes to radiation exposure, though most people aren’t exposed to this form of radi­ation daily. X-rays for routine medical examinations are the source we are most familiar with, whether sitting in a dentists chair, or diagnosing a medical condition. Cancers are often detected, and treated, with radioactive isotopes injected into the patient.

Let’s not forget about the radiologists who diagnose heart disease through the regular use of technetium and tho­rium radioisotopes. Certain occupations increase the risk of radiation exposure, radiologists being just one, while others include medical technicians, underground miners, nuclear plant operators, pilots and research scientists.

Air Travel

Every day, millions of people who are flying to their des­tinations are exposed to radar scanners. These scanners emit radiation at levels that once again accumulate in the body’s fat cells eventually to mutating into cancer cells.

Dirty Electricity/Energy Pollution -

Dirty Electricity, or energy pollution, is caused by any­thing that interferes with the 60 Hz alternating current that flows between homes and businesses. Primary caus­es of dirty electricity are computers, cordless phones, and televisions that put out more than 60 Hz and interrupt a clean, 60 Hz current.

Smart Meters are another example of a dirty electricity source because they are a disruptive transmitter. Dirty electricity is a universal carcinogen that causes can­cer, heart disease, diabetes, and sometimes depres­sion. Smart meter-related energy pollution is even more concentrated at apartment complexes because several meters are arranged together in clusters increasing the magnitude of exposure.  11 Smart Meters -

Most often, smart meters refer to an electrical meter, which is attached to the home, monitoring all electrical usage and also capable of measuring the consumption of natural gas and water. Similar meters are nothing new, but “Smart Meters” not only allow for two-way commu­nication between the meter and the central system, they also report in such regular intervals as to be considered “real time” readings of consumption.

Thought to be an economical alternative to traditional meters, use of smart meters is intended for wide-scale applications, ranging from commercial to residential. The true measure of how cost effective a smart meter can be to the user depends on behaviors and habits changing, for now it appears as though the savings falls on the side of the central office that no longer needs to send people out to take measurements.

Smart meters send out radiation, which covers an area wider than the actual property being measured. Individ­uals who live next to apartment buildings outfitted with smart meters report hearing the smart meter signal in­terfering with radio signals at regular intervals throughout the night.

No proof has been shown that smart meters result in more conservative energy habits. Instead, smart me­ters emit radiation at an alarming rate, at a much higher degree than anyone would ever receive from using a cell phone or microwave oven (two regular radiation offenders that pale in comparison to smart meters).

Smart Meters work by transmitting a pulse of informa­12 tion at regular intervals. Paced as frequently as every ten seconds, each pulse emits well over 70.10 microwatts of radiation, compared to the .03 microwatts which occurs in nature. Similar to a cell phone in the way it shoots out pulses of radioactive signals, the smart meter itself also acts as a mini cellular tower. Just imagine how that con­stant source of radiation becomes amplified each time your smart meter transmits your information while also relaying information from surrounding smart meters.

Cross-Contamination -

Cross-contamination is yet another issue, especially, in areas that are densely populated with cell phone towers. Large populations of cell phone users and homes using smart metes are at risk, because the non-ionizing pulses cannot be seen each time they’re emitted by smart me­ters, cell phones and cellular tower which increases the waves of radioactivity exposure.

People living in close proximity to smart meters report dramatic changes in their sleep habits. Long term expo­sure to radiation results in a mutation on a cellular level, specifically a hardening of the cell walls which makes it difficult for cells to expel waste, leading to an environ­ment ripe for cancer generation. Furthermore, a muta­tion of DNA inhibits reproduction of healthy offspring.

It is frightening to imagine whole apartment complexes of people unable to bear children, let alone entire neigh­borhoods, cities, and States. Refusing to have your home outfitted with a smart meter is your first, and most im­portant course of action. Taking steps provided by Na­ture’s remedies is the next path to countering radiation exposure.

Chapter 2: Nature’s Cure

The Thyroid and Radiation -

Many nuclear disasters release clouds of radioactive io­dine into the atmosphere. The thyroid gland absorbs io­dine, but does not differentiate between the iodine found in food, and the radioactive sort. Exposure to radioactive iodine often leads to thyroid cancer within ten years time. This is a major concern because the thyroid gland is re­sponsible for many of the body’s autonomous functions, ranging from heart rate and metabolism, to body tem­perature and mood. The thyroid gland also plays a vital role in immune function.

In the wake of a nuclear disaster, many experts recom­mend consuming a daily dose of potassium iodide. This method of protection will temporarily flood the thyroid gland with natural iodine, making it impervious to absorb radioactive iodine from the atmosphere. Great for emer­gency precautions, long-term use of potassium iodide can have adverse effects on individuals already suffering from abnormal thyroid function. When possible, it’s far better to flood the thyroid with the naturally occurring iodine found in fresh organically grown fruits, vegetables and seaweed.

Potassium iodide should not be taken continually as a pre­ventative, as this can lead to serious health risks. Rather, it needs to be taken in the proper dosage in close prox­imity to the time a nuclear disaster occurs. In short, only if you have been exposed to a source, which may contain radioactive iodine, should you begin a routine of ingesting potassium iodide. 15 Individuals with Grave’s Disease who have already been through treatment with radioactive iodine will not benefit from the use of potassium iodide. The same is true for individuals who have had their thyroid surgically removed. Likewise, if you are beyond a 200-mile radius of a nuclear emergency, your need for potassium iodide is unlikely.

Foods for Natural Thyroid Support -

There are some foods that will naturally boost thyroid function, which is great for those individuals who have a low-functioning thyroid. Likewise, there are some foods that will suppress thyroid function, which are good for folks with over-active thyroids. Still, there are some foods to avoid completely for the sake of healthy thyroid function.

Sugar - Sugar may present the largest problem because refined sugar can be found everywhere, in just about everything. Mainstream doctors and holistic practitioners agree, sugar suppresses immune function. Changes in blood sugar triggers conditions such as diabetes and hypoglycemia - two conditions which thyroid patients are particularly susceptible. When not eating refined sugar, many thyroid patients report increased energy and stabi­lized thyroid levels.

Anything with Pesticides - Pesticides sprayed on all non-organic food have been shown to play havoc with hormone levels. The chemicals found in iodized salt have proven similar qualities, so it’s best to avoid both. Con­sume only organic foods, and swap out your iodized table salt for sea-salt.


Foods that Boost Thyroid Function -

Kelp and Seaweed - Seaweed has a fantastic texture and delightfully salty taste, it’s also an extraordinary source of naturally occurring iodine. Sprinkle some crunchy sea­weed on salads or soups, or wrap up some vegetables and rice in the form of sushi. Seek and purchase sources from the Atlantic Coast free of radiation exposure.

Coconut Oil - Virgin coconut oil reduces blood sugar and stabilizes thyroid levels, resulting in lower cholesterol, weight loss and increased energy.

Foods that Suppress Thyroid Function -

Soy - In moderate amounts soy has proven beneficial to individuals with hyperactive thyroids, because soy sup­presses thyroid function. For most people, however, soy in any quantity should be avoided because the estrogenic compounds contained in soy interferes with thyroid hor­mones, leading to increased cramps associated with PMS, and menopausal symptoms.

Cruciferous Vegetables - A very small family of vege­tables known as “Brassica” contain goitrogenic chemicals that suppress thyroid function. Members of this variety of cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, mustard, cabbage, bok-choy and brussel sprouts. These foods consumed in moderation can be quite helpful for their other nutrient-dense concentrations.

When working towards full thyroid support, it’s import­ant to focus on a wide array of vitamins and minerals, not simply iodine. A healthy, functioning thyroid requires trace minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and copper, as well as B and D vitamins. As such, it’s best to eat a diet rich in a variety of whole foods in addition to the health­17 ful foods such as broccoli, fermented soy miso, tempeh, sauerkrauts and kale which have more beneficial qualities than harmful.

Daily Radiation Protection

The recent Fukushima nuclear disaster has created a pan­ic about radiation and its damaging effects, and with good reason. Caused by an earthquake in Japan, which then damaged a nuclear generation power plant, many people were exposed to radiation as a result of the Fukushima disaster. Based on successful results in Poland after the Chornobyl (then called Chernobyl) disaster in Russia, Japanese doctors have started giving potassium iodide to help boost the thyroid.)

Potassium Iodide is fine for those who have been recent­ly exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, but as an every-day preventative this method can present serious health risks. Instead, there are some very simple steps you can take towards dramatically reducing your expo­sure to radiation, such as:

Get rid of your microwave - use an oven, toaster, etc,

Don’t fly too often

Opt out from the full-body scanner when flying, request the physical pat down instead.

In general, attempt to stay away from high doses of radi­ation exposure. Eat foods higher in iodine and potassium. When attempting to increase your intake of iodine take care to not consume too much as this can lead to hyper­thyroidism.  18 Iodine rich foods - Potassium rich foods -

Spirulina Bananas

Seaweed Sweet potatoes

Kelp kiwi(available as a supplement) beets

Navy beans lima beans

Strawberries tomatoes

Organic yogurt raisins

Cranberries spinach













Sesame seeds


Summer squash

Swish chard

Turnip greens


Be careful with a potassium iodide supplement, which is mostly synthetic and not the least bit healthy when taken long term, you can boost these minerals naturally by in­cluding nutrient-rich foods into your daily dietary routine.

A holistic approach to radiation repair takes the body, mind, and spirit into account. In addition to detoxifying 19 baths using Bentonite clay, Epsom salts, are excellent ways to boost magnesium levels, relaxing muscles and aiding the elimination channels.

Remove Radiation Naturally -

Exposure to radiation cannot be escaped, it exists in the natural world all around us, right down to the air we breathe and the water we drink. Though we cannot avoid exposure to radiation, we can take steps towards repair­ing the damage done by radiation exposure.

With dietary practices and supplements of essential vita­mins and minerals, the body can repair much of the dam­age done by daily exposure to environmental radiation. With larger doses of radiation, however, more intentional action must be taken. To know which steps you must take within your own life, you must first determine just how much radiation exposure you experience daily.

For the most part, people experience two levels of radia­tion exposure - Moderate and Extreme

Moderate - daily use of a cell phone, without a headset, for over an hour a day. Daily use of microwave ovens for 10 minutes or more - especially those who like to stand nearby and watch food. 30-60 minutes a week of tan­ning bed usage, 40-46 hours a week of computer us­age, airplane flights lasting four hours or more, full body screenings, patients who recently had x-rays or CAT scans during a medical visit in the past six months. This in­cludes dental screenings.

Extreme – to fall in the extreme category, you don’t have to exceed the exposure limits of the moderate category, 20 though that is a significant contributor. In addition to all this, the extreme category is made up of people who live near nuclear power plants, or people who have been exposed to high levels of radiation due to nuclear disas­ters or the completion of medical therapy to treat certain forms of cancer.

Radiation Protection for Moderate Exposure -

If you fall under the moderate category, start a juice fast immediately, and follow it for one to three days. Like­wise, you can consume a diet of raw fruits and vegetables for 7-10 days. When following a juice fast it’s important to use raw, organic fruit that you juice yourself. Not the store-bought variety, and definitely not anything from concentrate. When selecting foods to include in your juice fast, or raw food fast choose the following:

Wheat grass Alfalfa leaves

Leafy greens Cucumbers

Celery Kale

Parsley Spinach

Bean sprouts Collards

Ginger Guavas

Onion Plums

Beets Gooseberries

Garlic Cherries

Apples Citrus fruits

For an additional oomph in your smoothies, try adding:



Liquid chlorophyll


Also, these natural sources of protection are great for re­moving heavy metals and radiation from the system:

Rosemary Essential Oil Mist

Turmeric essential Oil Mist

Radiation Detox Bath -

Fill tub with hot water, as hot as you can stand it. Add 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and 7 sprays of Rosemary Essential Oil Mist into the water. Give yourself a good, full-body scrub before entering the water using a skin brush, scrub-mit,or loofah, always brushing towards the heart to invigorate circulation. Relax in the tub for 20 to 30 minutes, sweating is normal and expected, while soaking drink 16 to 20 ounces of pure spring water. When done with the bath, rinse with cool water, and apply a layer of aloe vera, or avocado oil, adding several sprays of Rosemary Essential Oil Mist. This extra bit of pamper­ing now will result in protection against light to moderate radiation exposure later.

Radiation Healing for Heavy Exposure -

Natural treatment for extreme radiation exposure is sim­ilar to the course suggested for moderate exposure, with a few small changes. Those exposed to extreme amounts of radiation should still follow a juice fast, or a raw food diet, but for a much longer in duration for the full detoxi­fying benefits.

If you have been exposed to extreme amounts of radia­tion, take the following dietary precautions immediately:

14-21 day juice fast


30 day raw food diet consisting of only raw, organic fruits and vegetables.


3-Day Purification, Cellular Cleansing and Radiation De­toxification

The human body is a remarkably complex organism consisting of 50-100 trillion cells all working together to maintain a dynamic balance. In biological terms this is called “homeostasis.” Our brains are incapable of over­seeing such a phenomenal task, therefore requiring the wisdom of each individual cell working to balance and harmonize the totality of the physical body. Each cell multitasks to perform the role of heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, skin, etc. and somehow “knows” each organ system is “responsible” to keep the entire organism filled with vitality, strength and well being.

The task at hand is far beyond our intellectual capabili­ties. It is imperative we allow the body to repair and heal itself. Purification, Cleansing and Detoxification are the avenues that accommodate the body’s intrinsic and natu­ral healing processes.

There are many natural options available for the vitality and wellness of life. Everything from fasting, diet, nu­trition, meditation, massage, chiropractic, energy-work, cardio-exercises, aromatherapy, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, etc. are all available for the natural balance of life.

The 3-Day Deep Sea Water/Frankincense Purification/Radiation Detox is a system designed to cleanse, detoxify and nourish the entire cellular body. As the cellular body cleanses and nourishes, our soul and spirit self expands to higher levels of conscious awareness. Saints, Holy Men and Women have “fasted and prayed” to attain states of grace.

Years of experience have determined the efficacy of the 3-Day Purification. During this72 hours, all the cells of the body are naturally cleansing, detoxifying and receiv­ing nourishment from the saline mineral rich Deep Sea Water, Oman Frankincense Milk, live foods, raw juices, botanical supplements, body therapy, movement, medita­tion, etc.  As the body begins its purification journey, the other components of our unique organism, comes to the surface of consciousness. Our literal Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit become transparent and the subtle connections and influ­ences between these dense and light bodies also “show” their worth of our pilgrimage called life. The intercon­nectedness of our own being and the responsibilities of care become revealed on this Path toward Wholeness. As we are sons and daughters of Nature and Spirit, we are on an experiential trek learning the values of daily care unifying the entire self.

Our societal world emphasizes only the transient material value of worth, while abandoning the real issues of our interconnectedness with Nature and each other.

The reality check of the responsibility of self-care is a con­cept we must seek out in order to become the vital and vibrant beings we were created to be. The 3-Day Deep Sea Water/Frankincense Purification/ Radiation Detox is the open door to a superior life.

In addition, consume these herbs, daily, for 6-8 weeks after the raw food diet:

Rosemary Essential Oil Mist

Turmeric Essential Oil Mist

Milk Thistle


Irish Moss


Siberian Ginseng

Activated Charcoal

Chapter 4 There is Hope

Radiation is everywhere, and its long-term effects can be devastating, but this is by no means a death warrant. You can take steps to not only reverse the damaging ef­fects of radiation you will also experience a greater sense of health and well-being as a result. A longer, healthier life, free from the damaging onslaught of radiation is well within your reach.

The late Dr. Akizuki, a medical doctor in Nagasaki at the time of the bombing, survived and served to help the injured. He observed that these survivors had a common diet practice, which was a traditional Japanese diet en­riched with Miso.

Dr. Akizuki’s claims regarding his beliefs about the tradi­tional Japanese diet enriched with miso were published in his books (Akizuki 1981 & 1975). The following is a brief summary:

1) Medicine should create a healthy body condition that is immune to sickness. Without creating this condition, we can never cure sickness. One of the ways to create this healthy condition is to make the body alkalized, since a weak body is often created with the mass consumption of sweets and animal products, resulting in an acidic condi­tion in the human body.

2) Diet determines our condition. The constitution of our body is hereditary, but our condition is constantly chang­ing according to what we eat and the environment in which we live.

3) We live and grow in our surrounding environment, so we should eat food that is grown locally and eat them in season since our body and the land we live in are insepa­rable 4) One cup of miso soup every morning will create a healthy condition that is immune to any sickness because miso is rich in enzymes, protein and unsaturated fat. We can intake 10 g of protein by drinking a cup of miso soup with tofu and seaweed. (Miso includes amino acid, peptide and so forth, which Tofu does not.)

5) Miso is a traditional Japanese food, used in various dishes such as miso soup, all of which have been devel­oped through the long history of the Japanese diet, and thus are effective and beneficial to the bodies of people who live in Japan.

Radiation is an unstable nuclei of decaying atoms, releas­ing particles which damage organic materials. Radiation is measured with the unit of rem, ‘Roentgen Equivalent in Man,’ which represents the amount of radiation needed to damage living tissue. Why then is exposure to radia­tion so harmful to the human body? It destroys organic materials and causes many radiation sickness symptoms including nausea, vomiting, headache and some loss of white cells, as well as chronic diseases such as burns, cancers and leukemia. A dose of 25 rems causes some detectable changes in blood, a dose of 100 rems caus­es radiation sickness, and a dose of 800 rems definitely leads to death. Those in Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the time of bombings received up to 6000 rems.

The human body has remarkable healing capabilities. A Rad Free Diet combined with specific Herbal Essential Oil Mists will protect and heal radiation exposure.

Plants adapt faster and more predicatively than we as humans. We must take on the responsibility of protect­ing the Herbal Kingdom by growing and nurturing healing plants with organic poison-free methods of propagation Awareness of daily radiation exposure, a discerning life­style in conjunction with Nature’s Herbal remedies will provide anyone an extended, vital and healthful life.

“Retain a calm heart, sit like a turtle, walk swiftly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog.” Li Ching-Yuen 250-year-old-Chinese Herbalist

The keys to wellness and longevity include daily routines of movement, meditation, play, passionate work and giv­ing and receiving love.


So how does potassium iodide help?

The thyroid uses iodine normally to make thyroid hormone. The radiation from a nuclear event releases radioactive iodine into the air. When the radioactive iodine enters the body, the thyroid quickly scoops it up. Take immediately

Taking potassium iodide a pill (130 mg) temporarily stops the thyroid. If taken prior to radiation exposure, the iodine pills counter the effect of the radioactive iodine on the thyroid. This helps prevent the development of thyroid cancer down the road.

Usually, only one dose of potassium iodide is needed since a single dose protects the thyroid gland for 24 hours — assuming you remove yourself from the exposure area.


(Potassium Iodide Tablets, U.S.P.)

(Abbreviated KI)






Use only as directed by State or local public health authorities in the event of a radiation emergency.


Adults should take 130 mg (one 130 mg tablet OR two 65 mg tablets OR two mL of solution).
Women who are breastfeeding should take the adult dose of 130 mg.
Children between 3 and 18 years of age should take 65 mg (one 65 mg tablet OR 1 mL of solution). Children who are adult size (greater than or equal to 150 pounds) should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of age should take 32 mg (½ of a 65 mg tablet OR ½ mL of solution). This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing infants and children.
Newborns from birth to 1 month of age should be given 16 mg (¼ of a 65 mg tablet or ¼ mL of solution). This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing newborn infants.
The protective effects of a dose of KI is about 24 hours. KI is available without a prescription, and a pharmacist can sell you KI brands that have been approved by the FDA

Store at controlled room temperature between 15 and 30C (59 degrees to 86 degrees F). Keep bottle tightly closed and protect from light.


POTASSIUM IODIDE SHOULD NOT BE USED BY PEOPLE ALLERGIC TO IODIDE. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of overdose or allergic reaction, contact a physician or public health authority.


Each (company trade name) Tablet contains 130 mg. of potassium iodide.


Certain forms of iodine help your thyroid gland work right. Most people get the iodine they need from foods like iodized salt or fish. The thyroid can "store" or hold only a certain amount of iodine.

In a radiation emergency, radioactive iodine may be released in the air. This material may be breathed or swallowed. It may enter the thyroid gland and damage it. The damage would probably not show itself for years. Children are most likely to have thyroid damage.

If you take potassium iodide, it will fill up your thyroid gland. This reduces the chance that harmful radioactive iodine will enter the thyroid gland.


The only people who should not take potassium iodide are people who know they are allergic to iodide. You may take potassium iodide even if you are taking medicines for a thyroid problem (for example, a thyroid hormone or anti-thyroid drug). Pregnant and nursing women and babies and children may also take this drug.


Potassium iodide should be taken as soon as possible after public health officials tell you. You should take one dose every 24 hours. More will not help you because the thyroid can "hold" only limited amounts of iodine. Larger doses will increase the risk of side effects. You will probably be told not to take the drug for more than 10 days.


Usually, side effects of potassium iodide happen when people take higher doses for a long time. You should be careful not to take more than the recommended dose or take it for longer than you are told. Side effects are unlikely because of the low dose and the short time you will be taking the drug.

Possible side effects include skin rashes, swelling of the salivary glands, and "iodism" (metallic taste, burning mouth and throat, sore teeth and gums, symptoms of a head cold, and sometimes stomach upset and diarrhea).

A few people have an allergic reaction with more serious symptoms. These could be fever and joint pains, or swelling of parts of the face and body and at times severe shortness of breath requiring immediate medical attention.

Taking iodide may rarely cause over activity of the thyroid gland, under activity of the thyroid gland, or enlargement of the thyroid gland (goiter).

Radiation Monitoring: *
Sites reporting radiation monitoring by concerned citizens: Officials have said Fukushima radiation cannot reach the U.S. without being diluted to safe levels, and that the isotopes detected so far would not be sufficient to bump the numbers recorded on these sites, but should you wish to keep your own eye on things:

EPA RadNet

Rad net system (government) has changed statistics to show safe levels.  Not a good source of information.  Stopped publishing results in Hawaii in 2011!

The Environmental Protection Agency’s RadNet system is designed to detect radiation from accidents like the Fukushima disaster in Japan

Radiation Network updated by the minute

Don’t trust the government? Mineralab, a Prescott, Arizona, company that sells geiger counters, maintains, “a nationwide grass roots effort to monitor the radiation in our environment.”

The network collects data from private citizens nationwide who keep their geiger-counters running, with data uploading automatically to the website in real time. The site recently added citizen monitors in Europe and Japan.

The Radiation Network’s map also displays potential sources of radiation across the U.S., including nuclear power plants, testing sites, waste collection facilities, etc.

“Our Monitoring Stations have not yet registered a big, or even perceptibly significant ‘Gamma event’ from any radiation drifting over from Japan, so we can take a little solace in that,” said Tim Flanegin, who operates the site.

“You know, there is an interesting paradox in the field of radiation monitoring. On the one hand, we might use a Geiger counter to perform a radiation scan of a suspected object or situation, and in a weird sort of way, we want a “hit” to confirm our fears, but on the other hand, if we don’t get a detection, some of us are understandably a little disappointed. But in that case, of course, we should instead breathe a sigh of relief.

Geiger Counters: *
Geiger counters have been selling like popsicles in summer, and traffic has never been higher at websites that display data from radiation monitoring stations.

Purchase guidelines:
In general, cheap devices detect only gamma rays, which are released by various isotopes of iodine and cesium.

The more expensive models can detect alpha and beta rays as well, Fukushi said. Uranium and plutonium emit alpha rays. Strontium releases beta rays. All are present in nuclear fuel rods along with cesium and iodine.

The more expensive devices also have radiation sensors for use in wider areas, allowing them to take more accurate readings, Fukushi said.

Certain portable Geiger counter models are even more expensive because they use advanced computer chips and other components that give them a wider sensor range in a compact size.

Experts typically buy devices that can detect alpha, beta and gamma rays and display radiation levels in a few seconds, said Genichiro Wakabayashi, a professor of radiology at Kinki University. He said it takes about 10 minutes with a cheap device to get meaningful results.

The 4 Best Geiger Counters -

Ever since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, people have been more aware of the risks associated with accidents at nuclear power plants.

If you have a radiation detector and there is a nuclear emergency close enough to affect you, it will help you to determine what the radiation levels are in your vicinity.  Here are the 4 best geiger counters according to Amazon reviews.

1. Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 Geiger Counter
The top rated detector on the list is the Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 Geiger Counter – Nuclear Radiation Detector .  It uses a US-made Geiger tube that detects beta, gamma, alpha, and x-rays.  Most other models only monitor beta and gamma radiation.  It has an LED screen, beeper, internal data logging, dose rate alarm, and more.  The general consensus of users is that it is worth the price in terms of quality, accuracy, and features.  It’s clear that this is one of the best geiger counters on the market.

Reviews say: “dead-on accurate,” “use is very straightforward,” “cannot say enough good things,” “great product,” “reliable,” “easy to learn,” and “best product on the market.”

2. Radiation Alert INSPECTOR  Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

The Radiation Alert INSPECTOR Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector.  Like the PRM-8000, it detects alpha and beta particles at low levels as well as x-rays and gamma radiation.  It has a counter that flashes red and beeps as the radiation detected increases.

Reviews say: “very well made,” “easy to operate,” “very sensitive,” “solidly built,” and “excellent meter.”

3. Radiation Alert INSPECTORXTREME  Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Number three on the list, the Radiation Alert INSPECTORXTREME Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector with Protective Boot, is similar to the INSPECTOR in that it measures alpha and beta radiation as well as x-rays and gamma radiation.  Like the INSPECTOR, it has an alert that lets you know when radiation is increasing to dangerous levels.  It includes a protective rubber case.

Reviews say: “great geiger counter,” “best radiation monitor for the money,” and the “case is a nice add.”

4. Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Next is Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector. It is less expensive than the top 3 geiger counters.  It features a dual-scale analog counter that displays CPM (counts per minute) and mR (milliRoentgen) per hour.  Like the other models, it features a beeping noise and red flashing alert as the environmental radiation increases.  However, it is not as sensitive as the more expensive models.

Positive comments from reviewers:”great product for the price,”  “very pleased so far,” “reliable,” “satisfied” with purchase, and “high quality product.”  One person commented that the written directions were hard to understand for less experienced users.


Some options:

Check on

1 Inspector Radiation Detector by S.E. International or Inspector Extreme ($20 more - same as Inspector but with case so heavier) 
The Inspector or Mazur seem to be the best options for the money – Listed time and again in articles as the best for the money.  Others are cheaper but don’t test correctly.  or  (free shipping)

Click here to see 


Water Filtration Systems: *   (Go Eat Me -section)

"We equipped ourselves with High Efficiency Air Particle (HEPA) filters and a countertop reverse osmosis water purification system* which we use along with a previously purchased Berkey water filter. (Do they have radiation filters?) (


If you search Google for "zeolite radiation removal" you will find plenty of scientific literature supporting this.

Zeolite was used during Chernobyl incident, at the 3 mile island, and recently at Fukushima.

It is a well documented and established scientific that zeolite has properties that makes it very effective to remove positively charged radioisotopes. We use the same nuclear grade activated zeolite as these facilities.

We are going by already published studies.

do you have portable models?

We have a small countertop model which is portable, but needs to be connected to a faucet, it's the COMPACT model.

You may also be able to pump water through it if you have a 1/4" connection to a manual hand pump.  Does not need electricity.

Bare in mind please, zeolite only addresses positively charged radioisotopes like Cesium and Stronium, to filter negatively charged radioisotopes, you'd also need our FluorSorb media, which addresses negatively charged contaminants, like Fluoride, Arsenic, Plutonium and Uranium.

Portable filters are usually quite small, and because of their size, their filtration range and capacity is greatly limited.

Do you have a filter that filters it all?

Yes, our best selling ULTRA (countertop) and ULTRA-UC (undersink) models have this capability.

So we need to buy the ULTRA countertop

Is shipping free to Hawaii and the rest of the US?  Yes


Notes from people living in a higher radiation zone:  *   (Go Eat Me -section) 

After the Hepa air filter and a water filtration system we began growing a variety of sprouts in this controlled environment. We then inventoried our previous survival supplies which are robust because of the threat of earthquakes in Southern California. Figuring out what we then needed became paramount considering the meltdowns’ ongoing and increasingly lethal threats.

Growing crucial foodstuffs in our controlled environment

While the ambient air readings have been generally benign, our tests of rain water, so-called June Gloom mist, HEPA filter dust, some powdered milk, chocolate and fruit have shown preliminary indications of elevated radiation levels that point to a culprit upwind of us, Fukushima. Astronomical amounts of highly fissile radioactive material have been spewing out of Fukushima unceasingly since three reactors melted down March 15.

Generally, Los Angeles has been the beneficiary of being south of where the jet stream across the Pacific has flowed since March. Fukushima is upwind of the United States, however, and other regions like the Bay Area, Northern California, the Northwest and Midwest have been hammered by high radiation. Potrblog in St. Louis has repeatedly tested rainwater coming in at 62 times background radiation, a level that is dozens of times more than what the Environmental Protection Agency considers harmful.

So where is the EPA in testing your food for Fukushima fallout contamination? They tested for it from March 11 through June 30 and then said sayonara to enhanced monitoring even though many of their readings were abnormally high.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has repeatedly discounted any possibility that Fukushima fallout could impact America. This week, the NRC released its Near-Term Task Force report on Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century.


Emergency Situation: *


Immediately take potassium iodide. (see above - protects you for only 24 hours)



This list was put together in the event of a nuclear bomb attack.  Interesting info.  The only difference is that the Fukushima radiation won't go away for 660,000 years.  That's an awfully long time to stay in your basement.  Better come up with alternatives.

If stores are still at all stocked, and safe to go to, try to buy as many of the following items as possible... IMMEDIATELY! There are no quantities listed here on the food items below as family size varies and because, as the emergency and panic widens, many items will become quickly sold-out or quantities restricted and you'll need to try to get more of what does remain on the shelves. At a minimum you should be looking at two weeks of provisions, but much better to be aiming for two months or more. The reality is, if/when we are attacked, it will be a very long time before anything is ever 'normal' again, especially at any grocery stores. Hurricane victims can attest to the prolonged misery and disruptions from such a localized disaster, even with the rest of the country still able to help out. Nobody can begin to imagine how bad the suffering will be, and for how long, if nuclear weapons have gone off... and in multiple locations!

The half-dozen top listed and UNDERLINED food items below are primarily for use while in the shelter. They are mostly ready-to-eat that requires no cooking or preparation, just a can opener at the most. (The iodine solution is included here because of its importance for its thyroid-blocking topical use detailed above, IF you do not have KI pills, but it's NEVER to be ingested or swallowed.) The other foods listed below there are better cost/nutrition staples for later use during the extended recovery period. Then follows general non-food supplies, tools and equipment.

Go Acquire It All Now QUICKLY!

Better to risk being a little early when securing your families essential food and supplies, rather than a few hours too late and going home empty-handed...

Ready-to-eat foods (granola/energy/protein bars, snack-paks, raisins, cheese, etc.)
Some perishable foods (breads and fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, etc.)
Canned goods (soups, chili, vegetables, fruit, beans, peanut butter, etc.)
Assorted drink mix flavorings (with no cold drinks, just plain water, kids will appreciate it!)
Plenty of potent Multi-Vitamins, Vit C, Pepto Bismol, aspirin, tylenol, other OTC meds, etc.
Iodine solution, like Betadine (16 ounces)- NOT TO BE INGESTED OR SWALLOWED!

Largest bags of rice, beans, flour, potatoes, pasta, quick oats and other grains
Multiple big boxes of pancake and biscuit mix & syrup
Jar of honey
Large 2 gallons or more of cooking oil
Baking powder & soda & yeast & spice assortment pack
Bottled water (especially if home supplies not secured yet)

Paper or plastic plates/bowls/cups/utensils and paper towels
Quality manual can opener, 2 if you don't already have one at home
Kitchen matches and disposable lighters
New metal garbage cans and liner bags (water storage & waste storage)
5 gallon bucket and smaller garbage bags sized for it (toilet)
Toilet seat for the bucket (or use one from inside the house)
Toilet paper and, if needed, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.
Baby wipes (saves water for personal hygiene use)
Flashlights (ideally LED) and more than one portable radio
Plenty more batteries, at least three sets, for each of the above
Bleach (5.25%, without fragrance or soap additives)
Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide and hand sanitizers
Prescription drugs filled, and as much extra as possible
First aid kits
Fire extinguishers
Plenty of inexpensive N95 particulate respirator masks
Plenty of cheap plastic hooded rain ponchos for everyone
Water filters and all other camping type supplies, such as portable camp toilet,
cook stove and fuel, ammo, etc., if any sporting goods stocks still available.
And, of course, rolls of plastic sheeting, duct tape, staple guns, staples, etc.